Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Adjusting Back to Time

    Today marks the first full day back in Missouri for the Griswolds', and it was quite easy I would say. After the plane ride into KCI, we headed right for home. Soon as we got home, I went right for the kitchen looking to devour all food that I could reach. When finished eating, we all talked about the trip, and how this trip was life changing and surreal. After discussing the trip,I went out to give souvenires to my friends, so that I could beat jet lag and not fall asleep so early. I ended gift giving and hanging out with my friends about 8:30 pm lastnight. I was sleep for 12 hours, and woke to make myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Sounds tasty doesn't it, and it was not our typical bacon and eggs breakfast. When breakafast was finished, I typed my six page reflection paper about this wonderful experience that is due July 3rd. After the paper was completed I went to a chinese buffet, and had lunch with my friends. The night was ended with a few movies, and this blog about adjusting back to time. Now that I am back in the past, as we were in the seven hour future in Europe, I will never forget this trip and will be remembered as the Griswolds' Family Vacation to Europe!


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