Monday, June 30, 2014

Traveling Home

Our study abroad experience is officially in the books.  Each city filled us with many memories and we are greatly appreciative for the lessons learned and friendships made.  As for the Griswold's we are currently sitting in the Minneapolis Airport waiting for our last flight back to KC.  Today has been a day full of travel.  It's safe to say our internal clocks are pretty messed up right now.  Audrey just left for New York without saying by to us so she will be grounded when she gets home.  Grant (cousin Eddie) had an interesting flight from Prague to Amsterdam.  The sitting next to him had a seizure and passed out.  Luckily the guy was okay and cousin Eddie actually handled the situation somewhat appropriately.  With that being said, this has been a great trip.  Myself, Ellen, and the kids have thoroughly enjoyed the Griswold Family Vacation 2k14 edition.

- Clark W. Griswold

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