Sunday, June 29, 2014

Saturday, June 28th (Day 13)

Today was the first day where we didn't have to travel to or from a city or go any business visits. Taylor and I went with a bunch of the boys so they could find souvenirs for their family members. We decided not to spend any money because we had done enough of that in the past couple of days in Prauge. After their shopping needs were satisfied Taylor and I made our way back to the John Lennon Peace Wall. Taylor had a pen along so we wrote our names on the wall along with date. We met up with some other EuroCats at the Peace Wall then made our way back across the Charles Bridge. There we found some really cool paintings of the Peace Wall to bring back with us!

The weather has been remarkable throughout our whole stay in Europe. It only rained one day and all the other days we've been able to wear shorts and a T-shirt. That's one thing I'm not looking forward to when we go back home!

We were sure to schedule a nap into our free day and after the nap several of the EuroCats hit the town of Prauge. Getting to the nightlife however was a bit of an issue. We didn't leave the hotel until a few minutes after midnight and were only able to ride the metro for one stop. At the second metro station we ran in a frantic in hopes of making the next metro. Someone, who shall remain nameless, even slide down the middle area of the massive escalator. Grant took over the the map navigating duties for the evening and did a wonderful job. We ended the night grooving to 80's disco music--something Europeans (as well as the Griswold's) seem to enjoy.


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