Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday (Day 12)

Today has been another great day.  We got to sleep in a little bit which was nice.  The breakfast was better today because they had scrambled eggs instead of hard boiled.  After breakfast, we headed into the conference room at the hotel where we listened to a presentation on Johnson & Johnson.  J&J is a multinational company that provides medical services, pharmaceutical, and consumer packaged goods.  They team up with many surgical suppliers and have a big stake in the global healthcare business.

After the presentation we got to have a couple hours of free time.  Some of us guys decided to go on a short run around the train station and found some stairs in the hotel to run up as well.  It's important to stay somewhat in shape during this period of heavy consumption of business practices as well as other things.  After a quick workout we walked down the street for a not so quick lunch.  I've noticed the restaurants in Central Europe are much more casual in the way they serve food when it comes to speed and timing.  For example, the last two days we have spent almost two hours at our lunch spots.  It seems permissive for people to take longer lunch breaks over here, and they also get five weeks of vacation time.  

Our second presentation of the day was at Cisco Systems.  We heard a little bit about the history of the company as well as new projects and trends that are coming in the near future.  There was some cool technological features at Cisco.  At one point, we switched up groups to initiate a conference call between the two groups.  One group was in another room and within seconds, we were able to connect with them by video and see/hear what they were saying.  Overall Cisco was a good experience.  

With that being said, we're less than one hour away from game time here in Prague.  The US will be taking on Germany for the final game of pool play.  Allison came in clutch and found a great place for all of us to go watch the game.  Beer taps at each table.  Lets get rowdy.  USA!


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