Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 25th (Day 11)

Well it's been another busy day for the Griswold family as we had two business visits to complete today! After rising a little earlier than usually this morning we all enjoyed a nice breakfast before beginning our morning at T-Mobile. During our time here we listened to two different speakers. The first Martina, Senior Head of Cooperate Communication, informed us of the many
great things that T-Mobile Czech Republic is doing. With over 5.9 million customers in the Czech Republic alone T-Mobile provides services for over ½ of the Czech Republic's population. Unlike in the United States, there is much more competition within the Czech Republic mobile companies. Martina said that there are the 3 major companies and an additional 50 others that the population of only a little more than 10 million have to choose from. A majority of her presentation included information on challenges T-Mobile Czech Republic is faces and also different statistics. The five main challenges that T-Mobile has faced in the past couple of years included: Declining prices, tough competition, regulations, recessions, and it's integration with GTS. Integration is nothing new to this company as it is the second in the pass year.
Following Martina, Milan Vasica spoke to us which was a very special thing because he just happens to also be their CEO. Milan's provided us with very
helpful hints about leadership and focused on the 9 following areas to being a successful leader.
  1. Listen & form an option
  2. Awake the urgency of change
  3. Provide a clear vision & strategy and take action
  4. increase power & involve others
  5. communication
  6. celebrate & boost confindence in successful
  7. change the corporate culture
  8. self development
  9. persist in the future

After our visit to T-Mobile we all got around a 2 hour break to do as we pleased. Within our family we went in two different directions. Jared and Brandon made their way back around the hotel to grab food well Hailey and I put our shopping pants on and when to town. After blowing way more money than I want to admit we all made our way back together just before a massive storm hit the downtown square. Our second stop of the day took us to AVAST a very popular anti-virus company. Here we meet Milos who knew many of us by name before we even said them. He had even gone as far as Facebook stocking us like any good computer user. Founded in 1988, AVAST
took off in 2004 when it reached 1 million users. Founded by Paval Baudis and Eduard Kucera it was just the 3rd ever anti-virus company to score a full 3x100% detection in the Virus Bulletin test. Mouth to mouth is how this company found it's success. Milos informed us that they use no marketing or advertising. They have users found in 234 different countries and 41 have over 1 million users.

Both of today's presentation were very educational and helpful. Personally, I ended the night with Allison and Teri wondering the beautiful streets of Prague. We even managed to find a movie set! Look for more tomorrow!

Have a great night!

The Griswold's  

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