Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday, June 28th (Day 14)

Oh how the time as flown!!! Unfortunately today is our last full day in Prague and the trip as a whole for the Griswold's/Eurocats :(! What better way to end the trip though then on a high. We all began our day a little later than usually
catching up on some much needed shut eye following a night of many fun shenanigans. To begin the day (around noon) we all headed off in different directions to grab a bite to eat before our final visit to the Prague Castle. Around 1:15, all of the Eurocats reconvened to caught the tram up to the Castle to meet our fabulous guide Petr. Our tour was lead by Petr as he informed us all about the history of the Castle and Prague it's self. The views surrounding the Castle are breathtaking and you know we all took advantage of them for a couple great pics. 

Following our time at the Castle we made our way back to the hotel to beautify ourselves before our farewell dinner. Our dinner was at a more upscale restaurant this time where they served us three fabulous courses. Over dinner we all enjoyed sharing our favorite memories and cheering to such a great group of people. We ended the night with a final photoshoot forced by Allison, but to be honest I think it was my favorite one of all. We ended up the night by packing and trying our best to get a little bit of shut eye before our long day of flying. Till the next Griswold vacation peace out from your favorite daughter Audrey!

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